Roll On Roll On

Mae Boonchoung Dendoung

Mor Lam is a style of singing that originated in Northern Thailand on the border Laos and is the cross-pollination of nineteenth-century land rights and border conflict of these two nations. Used in propaganda during the Cold War, Communist Laotians and the Pro-American Thais infiltrated cultural and social forms to command political support, to galvanize regional pride, and exploit agrarian values. Migration is an important aspect of Mor Lam; its origin line is in the nomadism of Tai tribes that moved through China and Northern Vietnam. Mor lam has been carried a long way from the Thai/Laotian border, finding its way through Thailand in the air, collective memory, and hearts of migrant workers. Nowadays, Mor Lam is a place, rather than just a form of meaning together. It is as if it is created for Karaoke, its tempo, and tone at the pace of reading of a text.

Below are the english translations of the three songs sung by Mae Boonchoung Dendoung for Arin Rungjang's audio work.

Song I Song II Song III