Roll On Roll On

Song I

Calling Communist Spirits

Both my hands raise an ensemble of five humanly elements.
To summon all my colleagues, comrades, and friends.
When the spirit from the earth and heaven converge, then we march along.
When it gets ready to start with the singer and musician.
All comrades. Shortly, we will align in circle and march gallantly. Come together comrades.
As soon as we are in our ensemble, we will march along these harmonious musicals made by drums, harps, fiddle, cymbals. With intentional penetrating voices calling out the spirit.
There are the elderly, the young and the parents.
I welcome you come to our cosy home, where we provide all your needs.
With plenty of robes, foods of exquisite tastes from salty to sour and sweet, all is ready to share out.
All are ready to satiate you.
I ask you to swiftly come to join.
When the sacrifice is ready, I ask all spirits of the ascendants.
The sweet musicals and dancing will amuse you.
I righteously devote this merits to you, the enemies of our former lives.
I dedicate these merits to elevate you to heaven.
Doing good deeds and living happily comply with all the merits we had.
Today all we have to do is to pay all our respect to you who will ascend to heaven.