Roll On Roll On

Song II

In Praise of Communist Spirits

All my comrades. I would like to praise all devoting brave hearts.
The vicious government slandered all of us as scoundrel.
I insist genuinely to telling the truth.
It was clueless the chasing and slaughter would be possible
There are no mercy but only people slaughtered.
The government saw people as scums, the more they kills carelessly.
Communists still hold firm with no fear.

They organized the troop and encourage all to have militant mind to fight back.
I’m asking you to join our great crowd creating new world envisioned by our missions.
You all armed to your own rights and freedom. I summon you to help.
Some of us are students, the government slandered us.
Those who are caught later fled out of fear to the jungle.

Soldiers gone berserk.
Slaughtering the brainpower who were accused of fatal crime.
They also put great minds in jail.
I therefore flee from harm to encourage you.
Give us your hands and together rebuilding our promised land.
Our country will resurrect again.
Our country will be prosperous with wealthiest and as glorious as in the golden age.
Filling in our ancestors’ resolution.
We will erect the promise land. For both of the elderly and descendants to live happily.
The merits will secure us.
I am telling you, all my comrades, the tales of us all