Roll On Roll On

Song III

Klon Lam: RaksaPrachaThippatai (Keeping the Democracy)

By Mor Lam:KhamPun King- Phukao

I would like to tell you about the main meaning of democracy
If Thai people have ever known about this
They will ask us, what does democracy mean?
I would like to explain to you
That democracy is the principle of law
That democracy comes from the entire people
Including government by all Thai citizens.
-Cracyor -Krotosmeans rule or strength.
When we put demos and -cracytogether
Then democracy means rule to protect our country to live with serenity;
Everyone will get a voice.
These are the chapters that we should know,
Let’s see the following topics:

The parliamentary election is for the conference
It means the committee comes together to work
Before they give us the good law.
The parliament focuses on the high voices;
If someone objects to the rule, he or she can submit a new one.
That’s how a proposed law is determined.
The parliament will have to discuss the topic
To find the good way
This is not a bad thing, only a good thing.
So we established the law;
The whole nation is under the law.
It gives you the right:
Your bosses can’t stamp on you
So the worker will not be put down.
We can’t rob another person’s property.
We have the right to visit every village and province;
We can visit our friend.
All our relatives and farm land
All the animal farm also have a right
You can write any note to the government,
You won’t have anyone against you,
If you have any suggestionsfor the government.
Because the election createsa balance,
Therefore we have freedom.
Nothing will bother you
Democracy lets everyone do everything
Flowing and smoothly,
So it is one of the best ways to govern people
Just as I told you.

However, the rule for communism
Is that it only watches the citizen.
If someone doesn’t work the communists will torture you;
If someone is not good enough the communists will kill you;
Then the communists teach to divide the siblings
Because they are afraid you will attack their leader.
They will control the people from under the cage
They won’t let anyone escape
The old and the young have to separate.
If they get an assignment they have to do their work
No one has contact with another
The communist government will take care of our baby; we hope that they will use them when they grow up
So all the communists will eat you
Be scared that they will lead you to die.
The America is still watching communists;
I don’t know why we have to let communists live.